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Analytical Services Core

Prof. Joseph Irudayaraj, PI
Prof. Joseph Irudayaraj, PI

Overarching goal: To train ISRC researchers in state-of-the-art instrumentation, develop novel tools, enhance collaborations, and coordinate sharing and standardization of compounds, protocols, and samples.

Approach: (1) Utilize advanced instrumentation and analytical techniques for quantitative and discovery-based studies, (2) Develop innovative tools for high resolution screening and quantification of biomarkers, and (3) Coordinate core interactions and data handling procedures with the center. While Data Management and Analysis Core is the hub for data management and analysis, ASC will serve as a hub for sample preparation, experimental design, and protocol standardization. ASC will work closely with the institutional facilities (directors of these facilities are Co-Is of ASC) to enable the research projects and cores. Data Management and Analysis Core and ASC share a Project Manager.

Analytical Services


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